The Allotment Sites

There are currently 7 allotment sites in and around Farnham managed by the town council. You can find directions to and information regarding the 7 sites below.

Six Bells Allotment site

Site Representative: (Mrs) Lynne Watson Plot 21A

This site is situated along the B3007 Hale Road. The turning into the site is by the side of the Murco Garage.

West Street Allotment site

Site Representative: Steve Kibble on Plot No. 2b

Situated just past the Cemetery leaving Farnham Town Centre on the left hand side. Turning left just before a small electricity sub station follow a track around to the right. The allotment site is situated by parking at the noticeboard on your left and walking past the hedge and water tank.

West Street Extension Allotment site

Site Representative: Mrs J. Williams, Plot No. WSE 8 & 9

Follow the same directions as for West Street allotment site. Parking at the noticeboard this site is on either side of the roadway.

Wrecclesham Allotment site

Site Representative: Liz Thomas on Plot No. 10aa

On the A325 in Wrecclesham turn right into Riverdale nearly opposite the Black Swan tyre garage. Turn left down a track towards Farnham Rugby Club keeping the Recreation Ground on your right hand side. Carry on past the entrance to the rugby club until you reach a 5 bar gate on your left.

Morley Road Allotment site

Site Representative: Dave Pearsley, Plot No AF 2a

Go past the Railway Station going out of town on the Tilford Road. Take the 3rd turning on your right into Morley Road. On your left hand side you will come across a Recreation Ground. The allotment site is situated in the right hand corner of the recreation ground.

Farnborough Road Allotment site

Site Representative: Mr Frank Green who has Plot No 17 and he will be helped by Christina Walsh Plot No16

At the Six Bells roundabout on the A325 take the B3007 Weybourne Road. On the left hand side you will come across a barrier which is the entrance to fields. Access is by key only.

Shepherd and Flock Allotment site

Site Representatives: David and Charlotte Wheeler, Plot #3

From the Town Centre take the Guildford Road heading out of Town past Homebase and Bourne Mill. At the end of this road you will come to the A31 Shepherd and Flock roundabout. In front of you you will see the Shepherd and Flock public house. You need to cross over the A31 and enter the road onto the roundabout near the public house. Park near the pub and walk towards the subway and then onto the grass. The allotment site can be found to your left through the 5 bar gate.

Alderley Farm

Site Representative: Gerrard Nicholson plots 5 & 20

Chair of Farnham Allotment Liason Group: Mr R. Green, Plot No W7A & 7AA (Wrecclesham)