Increased Rent for Allotments

I think that a 100% increase in rent for our allotments is an outrage, unless the Council intend to charge for all their services at cost or provide a refund for those who do not use each and every service they offer. This increase is particularly hard as the vast majority of the plot holders are pensioners. We all pay Council Tax and that is supposed to cover the services that the Council should provide. I believe that the Council have a duty to provide and maintain allotments and therefore their costs should, in part, be borne by the council, with a fair rent being paid by the allotment holders.

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West Street News

What a wonderful day down on the plot. Lots of sun and very tempting to start digging, however,the ground was very soggy and its not worth getting on until it has dried out a little more, because all you will do is compact it. However, using a plank to stand on, to spread your weight, you might think of planting a couple of rows of broad beans. Continue reading “West Street News”

West Street News

Hello Fellow Diggers,

This is my second attempt to write a blog… I wrote my first but it has disappeared into the ether. I attended the liaison meeting and raised the following points. Please could we have some more water pressure……we will look into it. Can the grass be cut more often as we now pay more….we will look into it. What is happening to the takeover of the site by the church….they have gone away! Continue reading “West Street News”