Dave’s Farnham Allotment Winter Warmer Soup

I devised this soup this afternoon following a food gathering trip to my Shepherd and Flock allotment in Farnham. All of the vegetables came from my plot and this represents a successful attempt at devising something creative from the plot. Continue reading “Dave’s Farnham Allotment Winter Warmer Soup”

Return of the marrows!! AAGGHHHH!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the rewards of your labour and have an abundance of peas, beans, squash, tomatos, potatoes etc etc.

One thing that we can never get right is the timing when picking our beloved courgettes and for those forgetful plot owners amoungst us, help is at hand as I have found a lovely recipe for Marrows! Continue reading “Return of the marrows!! AAGGHHHH!”

A summer Feast!

We’ve got family members coming over for dinner on friday night and rather than venture down to the supermarket and buy the veg from there, we thought it might be fun to use what produce we curently have to make a mouth-watering meal!

Here’s what I plan to make:

Potato and Pea Samosas, Onion Tarte, Mutter Paneer, and to finish – Rosy Rhubarb Syllabub Continue reading “A summer Feast!”

Second early spuds… Bombay Potatoes

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been a while since I posted a scrummy recipe on the site, but as many of the Shepherd & Flock allotment holders will know I’ve had a lot on my plate!

It’s always great to see spuds being dug up and I always think of what to do with them – have them freshly boiled with some mint, roast them with some garlic and rosemary… or our favourite is Bombay potatoes, so I thought I’d share the recipe with you… Continue reading “Second early spuds… Bombay Potatoes”

Aggh! An Alien!! Kohlrabi… the secrets uncovered

After going to visit my brother who lives in the savory end of Aldershot, close to all the multi cultured shops near the station, I picked up a Kohlrabi in the hopes that I’d be able to think of something to do with it – and if successful, I will try to grow some next year! Continue reading “Aggh! An Alien!! Kohlrabi… the secrets uncovered”