Many Thanks!

Many thanks to those who gave up their time to help tidy the area around the 6 Bells site entrance this morning and to Kevin for supplying equipment and arranging removal of the rubbish. I’m sure all plot holders will appreciate the improvement. I have asked Kevin to arrange the removal of what look like asbestos roof tiles in the wooded area. He has already agreed to arrange for the manure pile to be moved to restore our car parking area.

Lynne Watson, Site Representative.


I have arranged a litter pick to tidy up the car parking area of the Six Bells site this Saturday, 5 April, from 10.00 – 12.00.

Once we have cleared the area below the filling station, Kevin will arrange for a digger to move the huge pile of manure over there and so restore our car park!

Kevin will also get some signs made for the car park and manure sites. Water will hopefully be turned on this week.

Please come to help with the litter pick, even if you can only spare half an hour!

All equipment will be provided and Kevin will arrange collection of the rubbish on Monday.

Lynne Watson, Site Representative,plot 21A

Goth Gardiner

Amusing to discover your identity whilst chatting with you at the pub the other night!  It’s a small world.  You’ve been absent from here for a while – must be time for you to post us something interesting from the 6-Bells plots.

Catch up again soon over a pint or 2!


Potato Order for Six Bells

Over the past few years I’ve done a joint potato order for myself and a couple of other plotters, from Edwin Tucker.  This means that we can break up bags and try more varieties as well as share potato costs. The varieties are open to discussion, and there is no minimum order, unless you want something really obscure which no-one else wants in which case it’ll depend on the mimimum bag size from Tuckers.

If anyone would like to join in please email gothgardiner @ (yes, the misspelling is intentional) and I’ll give you some more details.

Update – Clean up of Parking Area at Six Bells

 Just shows a little rain doesn’t stop allotmenteers.  Thank you to those who showed up.  The entrance/parking area looks much more welcoming now.

Five of us (assisted by two very cute children) strimmed, raked, pruned and moved some quite sizable pieces of rubbish.  There is now a large pile of stuff in the parking area, but Kevin is organising a skip, so hopefully it won’t be there for long.


Hello from Plot 13B

HELLO!! :o)

Just thought we would give a quick hello to everyone on here and to introduce ourselves, we are the new proud owners of plot 13B (the ever so slightly overgrown (it has a bramble bush the size of a bus on it ha ha :o) ) on the six bells site. We are Jake, Michelle and Baby Harriett who is one and we are sure will love growing sunflower and making mud pies later on. We will post up pictures as we transform the site but we have a lot of back breaking digging and clearing to do before we get growing.

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