Meet the Shepherd and Flock beekeeper

** This event has been rescheduled due to rain last Saturday – see new date below **

I have arranged for the Shepherd and Flock allotment holders to meet our resident beekeeper Debbie Greenhill on Sunday 24th July at 1pm.

Debbie will open up the hive and talk to us about bees and how we can help them thrive on the site. Debbie will bring along an additional bee “suit” enabling people to get close and look into the hive.

I’m sure you will all agree that the hive has been a welcome addition to the site over the last few months! The bees seem very happy on the site.

If any plot holders from other sites would like to attend you would be most welcome.

Help Fit New Tap at Shepherd and Flock

The town council has agreed to supply the water pipe and connectors etc so we can run a water line down the middle of the allotment site to add a new tap in the middle of the site.

We will need to dig a shallow trench and install. John Ely has offered to oversee the work but will need some helpers. The current plan is to do it early March morning of Saturday 5th – provided pipe has arrive. More news soon!

David (plot 3)

Laying new tap pipe

Quick update. The installation work went as planned!! Thanks to John and Pete for their assistance.

Photo attached of the hard workers.

Manure use at Shepherd and Flock

Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder about the manure left by the gate at the Shepherd and Flock site.

The delivery of the manure was kindly organised by Jo Aylwin and given free of charge by a local farmer in return for donations to the Bishops Meadow Trust.

If you used some of the manure and have not donated yet then please do so 🙂

Kind regards,


Bee keeping on Shepherd and Flock Allotments

Hi everyone

The Town Council is now considering bee keeping on some allotment sites. We have an allotment holder who is both experienced and willing to care for the bees and as such the site has been suggested as a possible home for bees.

It will be up to the plot holders to decide whether or not we proceed with a significant majority of yes votes required to proceed. Can all allotment holders at the S & F site please either contact me here and let me know their thoughts (and any questions) on the matter OR come talk to me on site.

Cheers, David (plot 3)

Deer Fencing on the Shepherd and Flock Allotment Site

Deer fencing
Deer Fencing (ours isn't as good)

*** Double Update ***

John and Pete on 9a kindly finished the road section on Saturday and they’ve done a great job – thanks! Only the opposite boundary and probably the gate left to secure now.


*** Update ***

Hi everyone

Just a quick update to let you know that Kevin’s team have dropped off the extra fencing – just in case you’ve not seen in. We need to get a team together to erect it. Can volunteers please email me or (d_wheeler AT hotmail DOT com) and then we’ll work out a convenient time. Please get in contact asap. I’ll try to email anyone who’s contact details I have…I’m rubbish at keeping records!!



Just a quick notice to all fellow S&F plot holders.

As you know we’ve been hit over the autumn by the local deer population. We are planning on erecting some deer fencing this Saturday at 11am.

We currently have 6 volunteers (which is enough) but if you’d like to help please pop along.

The Town Council have provided the fencing, we just need to put it up. We have been offered assistance by a fellow allotment holder in Farnham, who knows what he’s doing, so we shouldn’t run into too many problem although the proof will be in the erecting.

Cheers, David (plot no.3)

Dave’s Farnham Allotment Winter Warmer Soup

I devised this soup this afternoon following a food gathering trip to my Shepherd and Flock allotment in Farnham. All of the vegetables came from my plot and this represents a successful attempt at devising something creative from the plot. Continue reading “Dave’s Farnham Allotment Winter Warmer Soup”

Planting Plan – Finding varieties that work (and those that do not)

This is more of a personal post than something that may necessarily interest casual passers-by, although I am sure it will be of some interest to any other local allotment holder who is maybe looking for a recommendation  as to what variety of vegetable may grow well in their soil and situation.

I have approached the previous two growing years with a random abandon, sowing seeds and planting more established plants as I see fit. Some things grow and some things are less successful. I understand that the growing year (weather) plays a huge part in the overall success of a particular crop but I really want to learn and understand which varieties grow well in my particular soil and plot position. By retaining records over the next 2/3 years I am hoping to distill down a list of varieties that really work for me and if they work for me, they might just work for you too. Continue reading “Planting Plan – Finding varieties that work (and those that do not)”