Allotments available at Six Bells and Farnborough Road

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The following has been posted on Farnham Council’s facebook site.

Farnham Town Council

Calling all budding gardeners and those interested in growing your own fruit and veg! We have several allotment spaces available at both our Six Bells roundabout and Farnborough Road sites.

Having an allotment is a great way to get fit, eat well and make friends and all for an absolute bargain price of £50. Apply now at:


Water Leaks

It was good to see the water had been turned on, but I’m disappointed that of the three taps/tanks at the Six Bells only one didn’t leak.  One had had a new ballcock, but the other two are leaking as the ballcocks need re-siting (and I suspect the one by the roman way entrance still needs a new tap).  I’d tied them up with string.  It might be an idea for the plot holders at other sites to check the tanks before we all get told off for wasting water.

Allotment Budgets from Farnham Council

These can be found on page 14 here:

By my calculations to break even we would need to pay £90 per 5 rod (half) plot. Cutting down water use wouldn’t make much difference to this. As “salaries” are budgetted to be over seven times the cost of water isn’t it time that all the non-essential things such as scarecrow competitions were cut?

Monkton Lane Housing Development

There have been articles in the local press recently about building 60+ houses at Monkton Lane.  This development will have one border with the Monkton Lane allotments.  If approved, it will be setting a precident for building on arable land in the strategic gap between Farnham and Aldershot and makes it more likely that one day someone will try and build on both the Six Bells and Monkton Lane allotments.

I would suggest, at the very least, that once formal planning permission is sought, everyone with allotments on those sites objects strongly.

Many Thanks!

Many thanks to those who gave up their time to help tidy the area around the 6 Bells site entrance this morning and to Kevin for supplying equipment and arranging removal of the rubbish. I’m sure all plot holders will appreciate the improvement. I have asked Kevin to arrange the removal of what look like asbestos roof tiles in the wooded area. He has already agreed to arrange for the manure pile to be moved to restore our car parking area.

Lynne Watson, Site Representative.


I have arranged a litter pick to tidy up the car parking area of the Six Bells site this Saturday, 5 April, from 10.00 – 12.00.

Once we have cleared the area below the filling station, Kevin will arrange for a digger to move the huge pile of manure over there and so restore our car park!

Kevin will also get some signs made for the car park and manure sites. Water will hopefully be turned on this week.

Please come to help with the litter pick, even if you can only spare half an hour!

All equipment will be provided and Kevin will arrange collection of the rubbish on Monday.

Lynne Watson, Site Representative,plot 21A