This Website

What is this website?

This website is maintained by members of the Farnham Allotments liaison group. This website is a forum for discussion on both the upkeep and running of our allotments and a place where fellow allotment holders can discuss their gardening passion and the fruits of their labour (quite literally). You can contact the webmasters using the form on the contact page.

Can I Contribute?

If you would like to contribute to this website by adding your own new blogs please contact the administrators using the contact page. Please tell us what allotment site your plot is on or if you are just a keen gardener looking to communicate with other like-minded individuals please let us know.

Alternatively just feel free to comment on any of the existing blogs. You do not need to be a registered User to add your comments to any blog.

Please remember that this blog site is moderated and if you are commenting for the first time your post will not show on the website until it is checked by a moderator. No rude words please but naughty shaped vegetable photos are permissible if they are exceptionally amusing.

Where is this Farnham Place Anyway?

Farnham is a lovely old town in Surrey, England. If you would like to read more about Farnham please visit the Town Council’s own website.

Want an allotment in Farnham?

There is currently a waiting list for allotments in Farnham. There is a fair turn around in plots and new sites are always being considered so if you are interested, make sure your name gets added to the waiting list. In order to add your name, please contact the Outside Workforce manager.