Digging over the soil in winter and early spring time will bring slug’s eggs to the surface where they are more likely to be killed by frosts or eaten by birds. The slug eggs are pearly white and about 3 mm in diameter and are found in clusters.

In April, increasing temperatures and wet weather provided good   conditions for slugs to grow and multiply. No single method of control will be completely effective so you should try several strategies. Here are a few ideas:

Hunt for slugs at dusk or dawn with a flashlight.

During the day slugs congregate in moist dark places. Create suitable hiding spots such as overturned   grapefruit halves and then gather slugs from them.

Remove debris from your plot to remove slug hiding places.

Place beer traps around the edges of beds. Place sugary beer into a container so that the slug is able to crawl into the container easily.

Raise seedlings indoors and plant out when they are more able to sustain attack.

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