Allotment Rents for 2017

All allotment holders should now have received their allotment rent   renewals in the post. If you have not yet received yours please do let us know by contacting Lara at

In 2016 the rents rose to £57.50, bringing the allotments to the desired breakeven point. The allotment rent for 2017 will remain unchanged, however you will have noticed from your renewal an additional £2.00 charge. We listened to representations you made after we advised about the difficulties in getting cost effective public liability insurance for your plot and have negotiated a group scheme on your behalf. The insurance, taken out with Shield Insurance will now cover you for any third party injury on your own allotment plot and insure you against potential negligence claims. Please do make sure you pay the correct amount as stated on your invoice as a number of payments made last year fell slightly short and it is expensive and time consuming to chase those who have not paid the correct amount.

If your circumstances have changed and you do not intend to renew your tenancy for 2017 please do let us know as soon as possible so that the next tenant has chance to prepare the plot for the Spring. You can notify us by emailing or calling Lara or Kevin on 01252 712667.

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