Seasonal Winter Allotment Tips

General Tasks – top tips

Why not try growing some rhubarb on your plot? Place a bucket or similar to exclude the light over the crown. In a few weeks you will then have some lovely pink sticks of rhubarb to enjoy.

Now is the time, if you haven’t already, to get cracking with digging your allotment plot. It is better for yourself and your back to do a little at a time, rather than try and tackle it all in one go. If the ground is wet do not try and dig it as you will wreck the soil structure.

Whilst digging, add some of your own compost to the ground but avoid doing this where you are planning to plant root crops.

Don’t forget to order or buy your potatoes early as the variety you want may be sold out, they are available in garden centres now.

Fruit Tips

If you are planning to plant fruit trees and bushes (raspberries and other cane fruit), this needs to be done very soon. The trees and bushes should be planted no later than the end of March. Do not plant bare rooted trees in frosty weather or if the ground is frozen.

Pruning of apple and pear trees should be done this month and certainly no later than the end of February as the fruit buds will be starting to swell. Do not do this task in frosty weather.

Gooseberries should be pruned now.

Shorten the side shoots on red and white currants to just one bud and remove old stems crowding the centre of the bush. Do not prune blackcurrants this way as they fruit on new shoots made the previous year.

Autumn fruiting raspberry canes can now be cut down. Do not cut down summer fruiting raspberry canes as you will have no fruit in the summer. Summer fruiting raspberries fruit on the canes they made in the previous year. The new canes are light brown in colour, whilst the older canes still have remnants of the old fruit on them.

If in doubt talk to the site rep or give Kevin a call for advice.

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