Six Bells Potato Order

Hi everyone,

As usual I’ll be doing a combined potato/onion/garlic order for spring planting if anyone would like to join in.

email me at gothgardiner @


One thought on “Six Bells Potato Order”

  1. Looks like the order will contain:

    Annabelle – salad/new potato, in my opinion nicer than Jersey Royal
    Jersey Royal – because someone wants it.
    Edzell Blue – Blue skinned, produces excellent mash
    Something else – if a few more people join in.

    Rudolph – this year’s experiment, supposed to be resistant to most things and produces large well flavoured tubers for baking. Apparently. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t
    King Edward – roasting – needs no description from me!
    Pink Fir – maincrop, pain to clean (gets a bit phallic looking) but stores beautifully and cooks like a new potato even into February. Can you tell it’s my favourite?

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