Bees at Farnborough Road – Your help is needed

Hello everyone

By now I hope you’ll all have received the regular Allotment Newsletter and you may have noticed that Kevin has included a sheet regarding bees on allotments.  Not sure whether this just went to Farnborough Road plot holders or went to all.

The purpose of Kevin’s sheet is to gauge opinion regarding the siting of a small number of bee hives at the Farnborough Road site.

The Shepherd & Flock site is already sharing the benefits of colony of local bees and we feel that it would be great if we could get something similar for Farnborough Road.

The “we” are 4 families who, I guess, are a loose co-operative who have worked plots 7 and 8 since the site was opened (re-opened?).  We also share plot number 31 which is at the far bottom corner of the site, nearest the roundabout.  We have had this plot for about a season and currently have about 2/3 of it given over to vegetables.  But the very shady area towards the bottom fence would be ideal for a couple of bee hives, subject to the conditions that Kevin has outlined.

We feel that, as well as an interesting hobby with possible end product, the bees will be beneficial to all allotment holders.

There is a lot of bee related information available on the web and libraries  and the National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners ( provides some sound views and advice on the subject of bees and allotments ( and

We recognise that beekeeping comes with a certain amount of responsibility so our two nominated beekeepers will be attending a local beekeeping course and tapping into the expertise at the Farnham beekeepers over at the Rural Life centre (

Our aim would be to set one or two hives up in early Spring 2012 but clearly we need the backing of other plot holders before getting the green light from Kevin and making the financial commitment. 

That’s where you come in!  We would very much like your support by positively completing Kevin’s questionnaire and returning it to him at Kevin Taitt, Town Council Office, South Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7RN, or scan and email to him directly at  If you don’t have a questionairre and would like one then please contact me and I’ll be glad to email you one.

Here’s to Farnborough Road honey at the 2013 Farnham allotment show!

Thanks, Shona and Ken