Access to Farnham Allotments Forum

How can we all get access to the Access to Farnham Allotments Forum ?
Can we all be given access to start posts on relevant subjects?
It seems far to restrictive at the moment to encourage allotments holders from blogging. My fellow plot holders on Farnborough Road would like to use the forum but most have tried and failed to find the way to create a new post.

Reps update for Farnborough Road allotments

Hi all,

I am the new rep for Farnborough Road.

On the 2nd February I attend my first reps meeting.I thought you may like to know what is happing on our site.

We will have two new taps in the near future, wire has been put up on both gates to help stop the deer getting on site, it was also suggest if we are not cultivateing all our plot it was coverd this will help in suppressing the weeds and you neighbour will not have seed and pollen on there plot.

I hope to see all near future.