Help Fit New Tap at Shepherd and Flock

The town council has agreed to supply the water pipe and connectors etc so we can run a water line down the middle of the allotment site to add a new tap in the middle of the site.

We will need to dig a shallow trench and install. John Ely has offered to oversee the work but will need some helpers. The current plan is to do it early March morning of┬áSaturday 5th – provided pipe has arrive. More news soon!

David (plot 3)

Laying new tap pipe

Quick update. The installation work went as planned!! Thanks to John and Pete for their assistance.

Photo attached of the hard workers.

Sad News

After attending the allotment meeting yesterday I learnt that Neville Watkins sadly passed away last week following an ongoing battle with his health. Although I did not know him personally Neville had a plot on the West Street Allotment for 40 years and was known by everyone for his amazing ability to grow Iris and Dahlias.

Neville was a keen gardener and was a member of the British Iris Association and was always happy to provide advice and a few flowers to people showing an interest.

Jenny Williams put it to the liason group that a new category should be added to the allotment show for ‘Best single Dahlia stem’ in memory of Neville which was agreed with great enthusiasm. It was decided to use Dahlias as Iris would not be viable for July. All details of the allotment show will be posted onto the site soon so keep visiting!