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I originally wrote this post last week, when the weather was glorious, but forgot to post it. Although  the weather is now back to normal, I thought it was still relevant.

At this time of year when the weather is  hot, I get irked with the positioning and number of taps on the Farnborough Rd allotment site.

Firstly the positioning; my Plot is #25 which is one of the farthest away from either of the taps and means I need to roll out over 70 meters of hose pipe in order to do some watering. It also means that after I’ve rolled out the hose and got down to the business of watering my plants, I am blissfully unaware if anybody else is looking to use the tap as I can’t actually see the tap, apologies if this seems like I’m hogging it.

Secondly the number of taps; two taps for over 30 plots seems a little sparse. On a summer evening there is virtually a long que of peole with the watering cans and hose pipes, all waiting for the precious tap to become available.

I’ve spoken to a number of other plot holders who share my grievance and I’ve heard rumors of possible new taps being installed and formal requests being made for taps, but so far nothing.  Just wondering if anybody had any more information or possible solutions?

As a short-term solution to the number of taps; what about splitting the pipe that supplies each tap and then 2 taps could be fitted to each post. This may mean a slight drop in pressure if both taps are being used, but would result in twice the number of taps at a very low-cost.



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  1. I understand what you mean. At Wrecclesham we have now got a lot more taps through the work of a couple of people who are connected to the trade and who were given permission to connect more piping and taps. This was great. However, the funny thing is that we now have no water! The council have turned the stop cock off at the gate. Don’t know why and no idea when it will be turned on again.

    1. GR8
      Farnborough Rd – We have more taps!. Thanks Kevin. Only spotted them after I had got our three joined together hoses to one of the original taps. But it should help enormously.

      (now if only we could submit posts to this website rather than just submit replies).

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