Hosepipe usage on Farnham allotments…

I know that some allotment holders have been geting annoyed at the use of hosepipes on the plots so I thought I would quiz Kevin Taitt about it. His response was as follows:

Hosepipes are allowed on our allotments and are allowed to be used even when a hosepipe ban is issued for private gardens. Obviously if the situation was serious enough the Council would consider its options and decide on its course of action. We would expect allotment holders to act responsibly when using hosepipes on allotments at all times. We would expect allotment holders not to leave hosepipes unattended at anytime. I hope this clarify’s the situation for you.

Kind regards


I think it’s great we can use hosepipes but with the consideration of others – don’t plug your hose in and sit there for hours. Also if someone is using a hosepipe and you need water, I shouldn’t think that person would mind if you filled up your cans providing you let me know and connect them back up again.

Obviously with water at a premium, don’t let the heat go to your heads, be nice!

Take care and happy plotting, Lotty