New water taps on S & F allotment site?

Dear fellow S & F plot holders

Allotment tap (Flickr)
Allotment tap (Flickr)

We have received a kind offer from Jo’s son (Greg, the plumber!) to put in some additional taps into the site to alleviate the need to walk to and fro from the tap with watering cans which can become quite tiresome come the summer.

The idea would be to run a pipe down the central path on the site. We would need to dig the trench but of course we are all expert trench diggers. Greg could then either put in 2 or 3 taps where required down the path at stations OR even put a tap against each plot. 2/3 taps would cost approximately £20 per plot holder with the latter costing around £40 per plot holder if everybody wanted their own. If you had your own tap you might be able to set-up a permanent irrigation system!

If people can consider the above and let me know their feelings then we can move this forwards.


David, plot #3

Beekeeping On Farnham Allotments

Bee Hive
Bee Hive

We have now had a few people ask whether or not we are permitted to keep bees on our allotments. I have asked the question of Farnham Town Council.

The Town Council’s current policy is to not permit the keeping of bees on allotments, however I have been told that they will be reviewing this. If bee-keeping was allowed the keeper would have to have a plot in the corner of the allotment site and would need a 6ft fence around the hives so the bees came into the hives from a height rather than lower down. Continue reading “Beekeeping On Farnham Allotments”