Maintenance the Six Bells

Visiting my plot today for the first time in a few weeks I noticed:

– the solution to the overflowing water tanks wasn’t to mend them (well, it’s only been a year) but to turn off the water.  Come on guys, it’s almost April, we might want to water in some plants soon.

– our site rep has mended the gate into the sites – good on you, but shouldn’t this be a council job?

– we’re missing a padlock still … it’s been months

Hopefully these issues will be addressed before the council want our annually (increased more than the rate of inflation) rent.  But somehow I’m not holding my breath.

Funny & weirdly shaped vegetables

We have all had them. The potato shaped like Jesus or the Carrot shaped like a space ship! We’re calling on all vegetable growers to send in photos of your most ridiculous fruit and veg so we can create a “funny and weirdly shaped vegetable gallery”. Why, well why not, its just a bit of fun?

Once we have enough photos we will run a vote on the silliest with a prize (to be decided) going to the winner.  When you send in your silly photo don’t forget to include a caption!

Silly Vegetable Photo 1

We have been sent this photo of an interesting shaped parsnip from one of our allotment neightbours in Ash Vale. We will be creating a library of weird and wacky vegetables so please email us your entries!

Not tonight Josephine
Not tonight Josephine