Planting Plan – Finding varieties that work (and those that do not)

This is more of a personal post than something that may necessarily interest casual passers-by, although I am sure it will be of some interest to any other local allotment holder who is maybe looking for a recommendation  as to what variety of vegetable may grow well in their soil and situation.

I have approached the previous two growing years with a random abandon, sowing seeds and planting more established plants as I see fit. Some things grow and some things are less successful. I understand that the growing year (weather) plays a huge part in the overall success of a particular crop but I really want to learn and understand which varieties grow well in my particular soil and plot position. By retaining records over the next 2/3 years I am hoping to distill down a list of varieties that really work for me and if they work for me, they might just work for you too. Continue reading “Planting Plan – Finding varieties that work (and those that do not)”