Return of the marrows!! AAGGHHHH!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the rewards of your labour and have an abundance of peas, beans, squash, tomatos, potatoes etc etc.

One thing that we can never get right is the timing when picking our beloved courgettes and for those forgetful plot owners amoungst us, help is at hand as I have found a lovely recipe for Marrows! Continue reading “Return of the marrows!! AAGGHHHH!”

Site Representative Meeting – Autumn 2008

Dear all

This meeting is taking place on 24th September. If anyone has any feedback / comments / complaints / praise to be fed back to Farnham Town Council can you please pass them to your site representative during the next couple of weeks. If you do not know who your site rep. is please ask below by adding a comment to this post.

The Phantom Bean Stealer!

Please be aware that I am sure that a Mr ‘Nobody’ has been picking my runner beans on the West Street Site. Please look out for strangers, particularly in the early morning or late afternoon, carrying bags of produce. They could be having a free feed.

As the West Street Rep I have been asked by several people if the paths could be cut more often, now we pay more rent! I have also been asked if something could be done about the few plots that are overgrown and are spreading weed seed all over other people’s plots. Likewise, a few plots appear to be non productive. Please can these plots be reallocated to people on the long waiting list a plot.

I must say that the site is the best I have ever seen it in 15 years…..keep harvesting and digging!

Louis, at the Blue Door!

Farnham Allotment Show July 2008

The show was held on a bright summers day at the West Street greenhouses. This was the 5th Allotment Show that the Town Council has run. The show has been improving year after year and this year saw a bumper entry.We had 23 exhibitors putting up 147 exhibits and this compares to 2007 of 11 exhibitors putting up 79 exhibits. Continue reading “Farnham Allotment Show July 2008”

Manure Alert

As most of you are aware farmyard manure  contaminated with weedkiller residue is causing abnormal growth on vegetable crops, rendering them inedible. Symptons include distorted foliage with cupping of leaves and fern like growth.

Crops affected are mainly potatoes, tomatoes and legumes (beans etc) but ornamental plants such as roses and delphiniums may also suffer. Continue reading “Manure Alert”