Farnborough Road Plot#14

Well our new plot, number 14, does seem to be getting there, finally. That’s the one under the sycamore tree with plenty of shade (and slugs).

We have had our failures – planting brassicas far too small and getting them all munched, for example. But we have lifted the turf off all the beds we are going to do this year. (We are leaving some beds covered for next year).

And our early potatoes are starting to flower, so not long now before we can begin to get some benefit.

Car Damage

Please be aware of you are at the Farnborough Road allotment site alone, that our car was damaged when one of us was alone at the site. A rude word was scratched into the paint (too rude to post here!).

It happened on a weekday between 3 and 5 – so just as the schools finish, and school children do use the lane as a cut through. No-one was seen doing it of course. But very annoying.

The lane is not a right of way – should we ask the council for a “private” or “keep out” sign? Or is that over the top?