April – Things are warming up!

April is great, the soil is warming up and spring should be here. Do keep an eye on the weather forecast though, even in the south of England a cold snap and snow are not unknown in April. Keeping horticultural fleece on standby in case of cold weather is a good idea.


We’re in the ‘Hungry Gap’ between the last of the winter crops and start of the early crops but there are still a few things available, late sprouting and chards for example plus you may have some early salad crops from the greenhouse border.

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West Street News

First, I must welcome all the hard working new faces on the site. A very big welcome to you all. My only advice to you is to dig slowly with a fork ensuring that you clear as many weeds as possible. If you use a spader or rotavator all you do is chop the weeds up, so helping them to multiply. Once you have a small patch really clear plant something that will germinate quickly..like radishes. You will then get a quick harvest to impress your spouse! A really good crop to go in now are spuds, as they will help to clear your plot. Get some first earlies.. they are the quickest and earliest. If you want to get a head start by buying some vegtable plants I would recommend you visit Springfields Nursery at Oakhanger. They grow super healthy plants that are cheaper than the bigger places. They have a wide selection ready for planting.

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Allotment holders beware!

Over the last weekend on West Street and West Street Extension Allotment sites we have had a number of sheds broken into. Not only by breaking the locks off but also cutting the locks. The people that came to do this obviously came prepared as they must of had bolt croppers to cut locks. They were only interested in machinery as so far we have had 2 petrol strimmers and 1 mower reported stolen. They do not seem interested in spades/forks etc. If you have a strimmer in the shed they may well be the next target.

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Update – Clean up of Parking Area at Six Bells

 Just shows a little rain doesn’t stop allotmenteers.  Thank you to those who showed up.  The entrance/parking area looks much more welcoming now.

Five of us (assisted by two very cute children) strimmed, raked, pruned and moved some quite sizable pieces of rubbish.  There is now a large pile of stuff in the parking area, but Kevin is organising a skip, so hopefully it won’t be there for long.