RHS Vegetable Open Day

Reading through the RHS magazine for March I noticed something which might be of interest to allotment holders.

At Wisley Gardens on the 8th March the RHS are running a special Vegetable Open Day. This day will be packed with advice on growing vegetables in your garden or allotment, and its free admission according to the publication. More details can be found on www.rhs.org.uk/wisley.

Farnham Town Council Response – Increase in Allotment Rents

Dear all we have today received a response, from Farnham Town Council, to the nunmber of posts and comments we have received on the website to the forthcoming rent increases. Download the official response.

If you have any comments on this response please contact the town council directly or post a comment here!

Increased Rent for Allotments

I think that a 100% increase in rent for our allotments is an outrage, unless the Council intend to charge for all their services at cost or provide a refund for those who do not use each and every service they offer. This increase is particularly hard as the vast majority of the plot holders are pensioners. We all pay Council Tax and that is supposed to cover the services that the Council should provide. I believe that the Council have a duty to provide and maintain allotments and therefore their costs should, in part, be borne by the council, with a fair rent being paid by the allotment holders.

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Increase in Farnham Allotment rents 2008 – 2010

We received notification of the large increase in allotment rents yesterday in the post. As per the letter from Roland Potter, Town Clerk the current fee will nearly double in 2010 to £28.75. Personally I think this is still cheap for the excellent service we receive from the Council and from its team of groundforce.

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February – Spring just round the corner!

These are sowing/planting times for the South of England. Growers living further north should delay for 2-4 weeks. If a hard frost is forecast soil can be covered with horticultural fleece to protect germinating seeds.

Sow Outdoors

  • Broad beans
  • Parsnip
  • Onion (from seed)
  • Peas (for May/June crop) try Feltham First or Meteor

Sow Under Cover

  • Summer cabbage, e.g. varieties Greyhound, Hispi, Primo, Derby Day, Stonehead, Minicole, Winnigstadt Radish (summer varieties)
  • Lettuce
  • Rocket
  • Spinach
  • Early turnip e.g. purple top milan

Sow Under Heated Cover

Aubergine (for a greenhouse crop) Pepper (for a greenhouse crop)

Plant Outdoors

Jerusalem artichoke tubers Shallots


Start chitting early potato varieties in preparation for planting in late March/early April. Individual tubers can be placed in egg cartons (or similar) in a cool place under indirect light.


Jerusalem artichoke, perpetual spinach, early purple sprouting broccoli, brussels sprouts, celeriac, celery, chicory, endive, kale, leeks, parsnip, radish, salsify, scorzonera, spinach, swede, turnip.