A vegetarian Christmas feast for Lotty & Dave

It certainly is depressing now that it is getting darker earlier in the day, and the constant stream of bad weather means that the allotment visits are becoming fewer and fewer. The only thought cheering me up at the moment is the knowledge that we have loads of carrots, parsnips, potatoes and squash left to gobble on Christmas day… not forgetting a few marrows! Continue reading “A vegetarian Christmas feast for Lotty & Dave”

Miserable weather and Isle of Wight garlic

I drive past our allotment site every cold and dark morning at the Shepherd and Flock roundabout in Farnham and dream of what’s in store for us next year. This is the first year this site has been open and due to us all getting on late this year (April) I think we’re all looking forwards to getting onto our plots in good time next year to plan the coming crop. Continue reading “Miserable weather and Isle of Wight garlic”