Aggh! An Alien!! Kohlrabi… the secrets uncovered

After going to visit my brother who lives in the savory end of Aldershot, close to all the multi cultured shops near the station, I picked up a Kohlrabi in the hopes that I’d be able to think of something to do with it – and if successful, I will try to grow some next year! Continue reading “Aggh! An Alien!! Kohlrabi… the secrets uncovered”

Things to do with excess vegetables – make some gin!

This has been the first year on our new plot and indeed the first experience I’ve had of growing vegetables on this scale and it has already become apparent that in some instances you simply can’t get avoid having a glut of a specific crop. In the summer of 2007 for us it was courgettes, we had simply millions of them! OK we planted far too many of them not realising how productive they were and with some experience it should be possible to limit this problem by better planning

Continue reading “Things to do with excess vegetables – make some gin!”

Autumn 2007 Farnham Allotment Newsletter

Most of you should now have received this through the post but for those who have not, please see the link below. If anyone has any feedback or would like to contribute any information to future newsletter please get in touch, remember we are always delighted to hear from you all.

Autumn 2007 Newsletter

Liaison Group Meeting – Summer 2007

For those of you who have not read the minutes of the last Liaison Group meeting held this September, please view the attached file. Remember if you have anything that you feel needs to be discussed or brought up in the meeting please speak to your site representative. If you are unsure of your representative, please see the Sites page or reply to this post.

Liason Group Minutes (Sept 2007)

The next group will meet in January 2008.

Unused plots – a warning

At the last liaison group meeting we discussed the state of some of the allotments. On all sites we have some that are not very well looked after. Be warned, we are now introducing a get tough policy, if you are not looking after your allotment we will be acting very quickly to get someone in who will look after the plot. It is no good having an allotment and not growing anything on it than weeds even though this is good for the local wildlife.

We will be looking at all plots during the winter months to see if any work has taken place. If no work has taken place your tenancy agreement will not be renewed when they come up for renewal. If you have a genuine reason i.e. illness or personal problems then please let me know because if we know we can then fo something about it.

November – Get your garlic in now

If you only do one thing in the garden this month, you should drop a fistful of garlic cloves into the soil. Not only is it a kitchen mainstay for any self-respecting chef, it practically takes care of itself on the veg patch too. It has no special feeding requirements and only very rarely do pests and diseases make any headway. To grow well, garlic needs a cold period (0–10ºC or 32–50ºF) of one to two months – which you can pretty much guarantee lies ahead. Sowing now is essential for the roots to develop before the cold weather sets in. Continue reading “November – Get your garlic in now”

Hello world, we are here

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